Treat yourself to your favourite ice cream even in winter

You may not know that Americans are a nation that has a statistically low percentage of gastric ulcers among the population. It is a mystery, because the working stress, unhealthy way of eating, as well as the whole life, is very famous for this country. Would it be ice cream?
It will probably be so, because Americans are also among the largest drinkers of ice cream. Ice cream reduces the temperature in the stomach. With a large and frequent eating of this delicacy, the stomach is literally frozen. For the emergence of ulcers, the temperature is higher and preferably an empty stomach (the acid is not to be diluted).
Our ice cream against gastric ulcers!
What is the conclusion and recommendation for you? So if you have stress in your work, and you're taking burgers, take the occasional scoop of our yummy and delicious ice cream!