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Factors that can expose a person to mental disorders.

It is very important for everybody to lead a healthy life. In making one healthy , there are several ways that can be observed. Mental health is very significant through a human beings life. The body at times might end up developing disorders that interfere with the human mental health system. Fortunately, there are many ways that can be incorporated in solving the problems associated with mental health. Mental disorders are caused by a number of things.

Discrimination among people.In any given society some people end up be set aside in many occasions. Disabilities is the main cause of isolation. Living with a disability will always deny one the association freedom in society matters like sports and entertainment.The people end up being lonely and feel disowned in the society the stay. This is a very critical condition in mental health.

Bereavement in a community. People that die at times are those that we used to associate with.Some of them really meant a lot during their lifetime. Stress mostly develops at the realization of such a great loss and impact created. It is very appropriate for one to seek guidance from the experienced people in such matters. People who experience a loss of their loved ones should go for a counsel by professionals in mental health issues.

Misuse of the child at early stages. Separation of parents at time may occur leading to children being brought up by a single parent.For those who are brought up by divorced parents they tend to feel neglected and isolated. Children raised by a single parent might feel unloved and neglected.Such children will not perform their daily activities well as usual.

Stigma is a critical cause of mental health disorders. The most common stigma experienced in many communities is that of HIV/AIDS. Isolation is very common in such people.They do not get a chance to access social facilities in some places. Most people end up not associating with them for such a condition. Mental health problems can develop in such a way.

poverty. The society has both the rich and the poor. Mostly in impoverished areas people do not access basic needs. Oppression comes in when the high class exploit the poor because they mostly work for them. Such oppression because of poverty will lead to severe stress and mental health associated problems.

Opportunistic diseases. Such diseases do not have cure. Such diseases are like ulcers and post traumatic stress.

The guidelines mentioned herein will help one reach a possible solution in keeping off from mental health problems. Some points discussed can be easily avoided by staying stress free. Basically counseling helps to keep away from mental health problems.

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