Each room in a different design

Do you want to have every room in your apartment or house decorated in a different style and color? Then we will surely delight our paintings on the wall. We offer different combinations of colors, different sizes (you can order even atypical sizes) and various motifs. Lovers of one-piece paintings and fans of multi-part paintings will come to their own.
Multi-part images
Do you want a very unusual motif on the wall? Then just for you are designed multi-part paintings on the walls. They add a theme to the uniqueness. The image gets an extra dimension, it will look bigger and more interesting. It also gets a more artistic touch than the one-piece. The disadvantage of multi-part paintings is that it is a bit more complicated to hang them. But what a man would not do for a unique interior for a few crowns. The paintings have a lifespan of over 50 years, so you can safely move them around the apartment and change the look of the whole apartment every year.