Bed linen

Dear Jesus, I don't want to sleep in that old grandmother's bed. I wish to have some new, nice and modern bed linens, like my neighbors Madlenka. -Even such a letter you found on the window before Christmas?
The old bedding has no color or pattern, it is hard and rough, it scratches. Our little Annie really deserves something better at last. There is nothing easier than to look at the shop and choose new bedding in the children's room.
Give children a restful night's sleep
Bed linen with bow ties, or with fairies Amálkou, with Maxipsem Fík or with cheerful clowns? The dilemma is great, especially that you have a clear choice of material. One can be soft and warm-flannel and second crepe with Suns and mices. Especially to be pleased with our little Annie. What about your kids? Do they have a cot?